Stephen's Sausage Roll

A new puzzle game from Stephen Lavelle.

Rolling to a lawn near you soon!

What is this thing?

This is a fork. The fork is made from the strongest of steel. It sports two bidirectional handles which allow for leverage to be applied.

These forks are possessed by a self-selecting group of aspirants of the High Arts. Once they grip this monumental piece of engineering, they take a pledge to never let go of it ever again.

It is very aerodynamic:

Do you want a fork like this?

If so, this game might be for you.

What is this thing?

This is a sausage. The sausage is made from the most succulent of pigs.

It has a marbled texture. Some people can read the future from the patterns. What do you see?

It is round, which allows it to be rolled:

Do you want to roll a sausage, but find yourself unable to do so for moral reasons?

If so, this game might be for you.

Call back for more information at a later date, yo.

The sausage champs webring!
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